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Citizens Report: County Commissioner Meeting – March 9, 2023

Here are the top take-a-ways from the county commissioner meeting:

US Senator Ben Cardin visits Carroll County

Commissioner Rothstein shared details of US Senator Ben Cardin’s visit to Carroll County.  County leaders highlighted for Senator Cardin, Maryland Secretary of Veteran Affairs Anthony Woods and Deputy Secretary Bob Finn the efforts in the county to support veterans and veteran owned small businesses, such as transportation and funding.

Senator Cardin also visited the Carroll County Youth Bureau and met with Director Lynn Davis who shared that she will be departing her position. Commissioner Rothstein expressed his appreciation and highlighted her leadership which is evident through her staff’s dedication and the good that they do in the community. 

“We are so blessed to have them as part of the Carroll County team taking care of our community” Commissioner Rothstein

Commissioner Rothstein gives details about US Senator Cardin’s visit to Carroll County

Discussion/Decision for piecemeal rezoning request / #228 Eldersburg Investors II, LLC

A request to rezone 4 parcels of land across from Liberty exchange from C-2 Commercial medium to C-3 Commercial high for a proposed business park.  The rezoning request was approved with a vote of 3-1-1.  Commissioner Rothstein abstained and Commissioner Guerin voted no.

Discussion/Decision Rezoning Case #228 – Eldersburg Investors II, LLC

Legislative update: Commissioners to draft letter opposing HB 119 and SB 199

During the Legislative update, Liaison Mike Fowler spoke about the upcoming timeline, highlighting that we are 11 days until crossover.  Lengthy House and Senate sessions are expected in order to move a large amount of legislation in a short period of time.  

Discussion took place regarding the controversial House Bill 119 and Senate Bill 199. Both center on school curriculum and include language that will strip local jurisdictions and school boards of all autonomy. Also, if approved, amendments would give the state superintendent the authority to withhold up to 20% of school funding if it is deemed that the jurisdiction is not following curriculum requirements.  All commissioners voiced their intention to draft a joint letter with the Carroll County Board of Education making their opposition to the legislation clear.

Legislative update on HB 119 and SB 199

“Carroll Connect”

Commissioner Vigliotti took time during Priority Carroll to highlight “Carroll Connect” which is a great way to find out what is going on with the county government. The goal is to enhance public awareness and improve lines of communication between citizens and county government.  Subscribers can sign up for parks and recs programs, add their own topics of interest and sign up for email updates. The link to the program can be found at the bottom right corner on

Commissioner Vigliotti highlights “Carroll Connect”

Discussion/Decision on Solar Moratorium

The board adopted the proposed amendment to Chapter 113, Community Solar, which would implement a six (6) month moratorium on Community Solar.  Next week the commissioners will provide clear direction to staff as to what questions and issues need to be investigated during the moratorium.  Staff will then enter the process of setting up a task force.

Discussion/Decision regarding Solar Moratorium

Open Admin

During the Administrative Session Commissioners agreed to an actuary study that is required in order to gather information so the board can decide whether to move forward with the county’s law enforcement partners’ request to look at their pension and some enhancements to their benefits. The study would take approximately 2 weeks and cost around $5000 

Also during the Administrative Session, a motion for reconsideration was submitted on behalf of Hutton Street 21 LLC for a rezoning case that was originally heard during open session on February 9, 2023. The request was denied for the parcel of land on 1500 Liberty Rd.  The parcel currently contains a Carroll Fuel Station and the proposal was to build a car wash if the rezoning request was granted.  Despite proposed changes to the plans that would attempt to address the concerns raised by neighbors, the request to reconsider was denied again.

Commissioners deny request to reconsider rezoning case on Liberty Rd.