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Muckraker: Ready, Hart announce new Parental Bill of Rights coming to Maryland General Assembly

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Carroll County Senator Justin Ready and local Moms for Liberty (M4L) chapter Chair Kit Hart separately announced their collaboration on a Parental Bill of Rights that will be introduced to the Maryland General Assembly this legislative session, while national M4L Co-Founder Tiffany Justice and dad-influencer Billboard Chris roused a crowd of dissenters in Westminster during the conservative mom group’s recurring chapter meeting in January.

Maryland’s Parental Bill of Rights

Ready announced the Parental Bill of Rights during an early January Republican Women’s Club of Carroll County meeting, confirming it is parents in the home responsible for preserving the hearts and minds of children, not administrators in the school system. He described the concept of a message bill, one you introduce to express certain values with the intention of swaying the conversation over the long haul, of shifting the Overton window.

His and Hart’s will not be the first Parental Bill of Rights put before the General Assembly. Delegate running for Governor Dan Cox previously submitted the Maryland Parental Rights Act, a bill he said “gives parents the absolute authority for their children in interactions with the schools”. His bill called for schools to make curricula content more transparent, and it would require them to disclose to parents if their child had been diagnosed with a mental illness in school, a defensive maneuver against the secret trans-ing of kids by activist staff.

Testifying against Cox’s bill at the time was the Maryland State Board of Education, the American Atheist’s organization, and a social worker lobbying group. The bill never made it out of Committee and was rebuked as being unfavorable, less because of the contents of the bill, and more because by then Cox had become the expression of MAGA-ism in Maryland, that sect of the Republican party worthy only of contempt from the progressive institutionalists.

Hart remains optimistic that her and Ready’s bill, which Cox consulted on, will have a shot at success. She said the bill is broader in language than the previous iterations. That, and the tenured Ready is at this point a more palatable presenter to the Democrats and moderate Republicans who would need to come on board to support the bill than Cox was when he presented his version in 2021.

The Rebel Disciple and Lady Liberty

Preparing to make his way to Annapolis to present the bill and fight to strengthen families and communities otherwise is Ready, who channeled his faith and his children’s interest in Star Wars to explain how he sees himself as a rebel-disciple on a missionary’s journey to the Capital where the progressive legislative empire is sure to strike back after eight years of resistance from moderate Republican Governor Larry Hogan.

While Hart’s M4L chapter continues to flourish in Carroll. After first cropping up alongside the Concerned Parents of Carroll County group in response to lockdowns and masking in schools, Hart’s organization continues to grow and has seen her win the Joyful Warrior award for activism and recruit a handful of local elected officials to sign onto the M4L pledge, where politicians promise to “honor the fundamental rights of parents” while in office.

Hart said gender ideology is the issue of our time, before announcing a gender ideology summit coming to Sykesville in March, called “Exposing Gender Ideology”, which will be headlined by Ryan Anderson, author of “When Harry Became Sally”.

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