Taneytown Man Sentenced to More Than 60 Years for Shooting Near Elementary School

A jury found Michael Joiner, 37 years old, guilty of multiple crimes of violence and reckless endangerment of minor children related to a shooting on February 10, 2023, that sent victim Ted Rill to Shock Trauma for several months and left him permanently injured.

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Taneytown Woman Pleads Guilty to First Degree Assault and Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Distribute in Two Separate Cases

Kristen Naill of Taneytown plead guilty to one count of First Degree Assault and one count of Possession With Intent to Distribute Cocaine on September 27, 2023, in two separate cases.

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Carroll County State’s Attorney’s Office Announces the Collection of Supplies for Bolt Bags for Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Carroll County State’s Attorney Haven Shoemaker announces that his Office, in conjunction with local law enforcement and the Carroll County Public Library, is collecting supplies for Bolt Bags to be provided to survivors of abuse who are leaving violent relationships and seeking safe, free, and supportive new futures. Bolt Bags contain a variety of necessities such as toiletries, first aid kits and hygiene products. Everything in the Bolt Bags helps survivors navigate the transition to a normal life free from violence.

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Chaos in Bachmans Valley – Why it Matters to all Carroll Countians

Do property owners have the right to expect certain conditions regarding the noise, scenic vistas, traffic, etc when buying property in Carroll County’s nationally recognized Agricultural District?

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Taneytown: Mayor Miller Announces Formation of Charter Review Committee

The following was shared on social media by Taneytown Mayor Chris Miller Announcement: Formation of Charter Review Committee in Taneytown…

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Zihmer Announces Campaign for Carroll County Board of Education

Kristen Zihmer of Westminster filed her candidacy and announced today that she will be running for Carroll County Board of Education 2024. Click the link to the article in the comments to learn more!

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“Wild West shootouts, especially around our schools, will not be tolerated in Carroll County.”
~Carroll County State’s Attorney Haven Shoemaker

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Carroll County Schools Brace for Controversial Gender Identity Curriculum Starting This Fall

The forthcoming school year in Carroll County Public Schools is set to see the introduction of a new “Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Sexual Orientation” curriculum.  The county has been rife with heated debates and mounting concerns among parents and teachers regarding gender ideology in schools.|The Family Life Advisory Council, the 31-member committee made up of 25 parents, students, educators, and health care professionals, is scheduled this week to assess the curriculum developed for grades 6 through 12. 

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Storms wreak havoc on Carroll County

Storms bursted through Carroll leaving a path of destruction across the county.

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Commissioners Rush Decision on $3,000 School Impact Fee for New Homes, Critics Question Revenue Potential

The urgency with which the impact fee decision was made and the absence of a comprehensive long-term plan for funding schools have sparked growing concern among residents and stakeholders. Many critics argue that a thorough study is not to be avoided; instead, it is necessary to understand how revenue from the impact fee can be maximized and whether it will be sufficient to address the county’s revenue shortfall.|The fee structure, ranging from $3,000 for single-family homes to $3,500 for townhomes, $1,125 for multi-family dwellings, and $1,500 for mobile homes, is predicted to generate marginal revenue, particularly with projections of new residential development declining due to inflation and interest rates.

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