Former MSDE Executive: “Choudhury’s leadership puts Education Blueprint at risk”

A former MSDE executive close to the situation had this to say:

“For me the worst thing about Blueprint is the leadership who’s left leading it.  They are effectively flying blind…Simply put, Choudhury’s leadership puts Blueprint at risk.”

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Commissioners Approve Study of 3 Endangered Species and Bald Eagle’s nest in Airport Expansion

Possible bald eagle’s nest located in vicinity of airport expansion, in addition to 3 more endangered species.

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Commissioners Approve Eldersburg Business Park Rezone; Guerin Opposes, Rothstein Abstains

Nearby residents are unhappy with the 3-1-1 decision to approve the new Eldersburg business park, but there’s a silver lining.

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Incomplete $300K Org Study Highlights Govt Dysfunction, Staff Proposed “Throwing money” at the Problem

A $300,000 study conducted by Segal consulting firm makes the case for more executive positions and increased pay. “These changes are big. I have not experienced anything remotely comparable to what we’re suggesting here in my 28 years.” ~ Carroll County Budget Director

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Citizen Report: Carroll County Planning and Zoning – March 1, 2023

Manchester bypass to remain on master plan. Public input on economic land use study identifies county transit and affordable housing as constraints.

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Citizens Report: County Commissioner Meeting – March 9, 2023

County staff directed to Create Task Force to tackle questions/issues during solar moratorium

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Sykesville Mayor issues statement against claim of Maryland Open Meetings Act violation

Mayor Link read the statement regarding the complaint and the town council’s position in order to ensure Sykesville residents that she and the town council are working in their best interests.

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Commissioner’s Ties with Big Development On Full Display in February Meeting

Commissioner Rothstein’s time as Economic Developer for Anne Arundel has led to campaign contributions and cozy relationships with big commercial developers. Should he be presiding over key decisions that involve these very same entities?

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