County Budget Director Gives Update on 1st Quarter of the FY 24 Budget

Carroll County Director of Management and Budget, Ted Zaleski gave the Board of County Commissioners a sense of where the county budget stands for the first quarter of FY24 last week during open session.  

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District 4 Commissioner Mike Guerin Releases Statement Regarding BluePrint

“It is my view that the implementation of Maryland Blueprint will not improve public education in Maryland and instead accelerate its decline.” ~ District 4 Commissioner Michael Guerin

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Chaos in Bachmans Valley – Why it Matters to all Carroll Countians

Do property owners have the right to expect certain conditions regarding the noise, scenic vistas, traffic, etc when buying property in Carroll County’s nationally recognized Agricultural District?

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Press Release: Commissioners Honor Lyburn for Economic Development Legacy

“It was an honor and a pleasure to know and work with Jack and I commend his commitment and dedication to Carroll County’s economic development initiatives and serving the business community,”
Commissioner Tom Gordon III, District 3

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Commissioners Rush Decision on $3,000 School Impact Fee for New Homes, Critics Question Revenue Potential

The urgency with which the impact fee decision was made and the absence of a comprehensive long-term plan for funding schools have sparked growing concern among residents and stakeholders. Many critics argue that a thorough study is not to be avoided; instead, it is necessary to understand how revenue from the impact fee can be maximized and whether it will be sufficient to address the county’s revenue shortfall.|The fee structure, ranging from $3,000 for single-family homes to $3,500 for townhomes, $1,125 for multi-family dwellings, and $1,500 for mobile homes, is predicted to generate marginal revenue, particularly with projections of new residential development declining due to inflation and interest rates.

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Commissioner Kiler Sounds Off On Taxpayer Resources Favoring Pride Festivities Over Other Events

“I applaud their participation in it.  I think we need to participate in as much as we can in all events…Whether we were seeking voters, or seeking members for whatever, that’s great,” Kiler stated.|Addressing the perceived political bias in the county’s involvement with Pride and Trans events over others, Kiler expressed his observations, saying, “But I’ll be honest, the new shiny penny isn’t the only thing going on in Carroll County.  I didn’t see any of these groups (government agencies) at any of the carnivals.  Historically I don’t see any of these groups at the 4H Fair.”

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Carroll County Commissioners Approve Class 1 E-Bike Use on Park Trails

Carroll County Commissioners voted 3-2 to allow Class 1 e-bikes on some county park trails. These e-bikes have an electric motor that activates while the rider pedals and stops when the bike reaches 20 mph. The approved trails include Gillis Falls Recreational Area, the undeveloped side of Piney Run Park, and Westminster’s Union Mills Reservoir Trails, Hashawha, and Speigel Hill.

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Carroll County Faces Blunt Reality as Legalized Cannabis Leaves Taxpayers in a Hazy Financial Situation

July 1, 2023 marked a historic day for Maryland as the state embraced legalized recreational cannabis. With nearly 60% of county residents voting in favor of the constitutional amendment, Carroll County joined the green wave of change. However, as the smoke begins to clear, concerns over the financial implications for taxpayers have sparked.|The lion’s share of the revenue will flow directly into the coffers of the Maryland Cannabis Administration, the regulatory body responsible for enforcing state cannabis laws. Additionally, a newly formed entity called the “Office of Social Equity” will manage 35% of the revenue, directing funds towards communities that have been disproportionately affected by the war on drugs.

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Carroll County commissioners prioritize farmland preservation, vote against community solar projects in Ag Zones

Commissioners Guerin, Gordon, Kiler and Vigliotti’s unwavering dedication to farmland preservation and the prioritization of agriculture in their decision-making process underscore their commitment to maintaining the county’s agricultural heritage while exploring alternative avenues for renewable energy implementation.|Commissioner Ed Rothstein, who was a member of the 2021 board that voted in favor of community solar on agricultural land in 2021, changed his vote to follow the lead of his colleagues.

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Evidence Builds of Political Bias and Taxpayer Fund Misuse as Carroll County Resources Present at LGBTQ+ Events

Many taxpayers questioned whether having local government resources at a left-leaning event, which featured drag queen story hour and other sexually suggestive activities for children, demonstrated a gross misuse of public funds.|The Carroll County Board of Elections, now operated by a Democrat-majority board, held a booth at the Westminster Pride Festival to recruit voters from what is widely known as an event favorable to Democratic voters.  

The Carroll County Public Library and Carroll County Youth Service Bureau also held booths alongside Planned Parenthood, Trans Maryland, PFLAG and the Democratic Central Committee, while Health Department employees were seen handing out water bottles to festival goers.

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