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Muckraker: ‘Compromise’: Commissioners decide on commercial height limit after storage facility lawsuit, pushback

On Thursday, the Board of Carroll County Commissioners voted unanimously to lower the starting height limit for commercial buildings that adjoin residential properties, going from 50 feet down to 35 feet. But they simultaneously implemented a sliding scale, permitting developers to build back up to 50 feet on the condition they add in additional setback over the required minimum of 15 feet, where every foot of extra setback unlocks another foot of height, not to exceed 50 feet.

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Muckraker: ‘Strong opposition’ to Bouchat’s charter government bill from Republican counties, Delegate

Delegate Eric Bouchat, a Carroll County Republican, is the lone sponsor of a bill, HB0081, that would require every county in Maryland to adopt a charter form of government, where each jurisdiction would feature its own constitution, an executive, and a legislature, instead of a commissioner form of government, where each county simply has a board of county commissioners like Carroll and 11 other jurisdictions have now.

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Muckraker: Maryland Moms for Liberty and Republican lawmakers in Annapolis ‘Stay on the offensive’

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland Moms for Liberty held a Parental Rights Legislation Rally at Lawyers Mall in Annapolis on Thursday, where lawmakers, activists, and parents gathered to cheer legislation meant to help “stop woke indoctrination” as some of the conservative group’s signs read just outside a convening General Assembly.

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Muckraker: New eyewitness says Delen just shot Lewis, there was no altercation, no fight

BEL AIR — An eyewitness who observed Brian Delen fatally shoot Jimmy Wayne Lewis at English Country Manor condominiums on December 27th, told investigators that, contrary to what Delen originally reported to Police, there was no altercation between the two, no argument, no fight.

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Muckraker: A Carroll state of law enforcement

Carroll State’s Attorney Haven Shoemaker and Sheriff Jim DeWees both voiced their frustration with the forces from outside the county that work against law enforcement in it, while a new poll shows that black Democrats in Maryland want stricter penalties for criminals than white ones do — all part of what amounted to a state of local law enforcement address given Tuesday by the pair during a Republican Club of Carroll County event.

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Muckraker: Hahn confirms age-inappropriate books in Harford schools: ‘Unwilling to sit back and watch this happen’

Harford County Board of Education Vice President Melissa Hahn recently confirmed there are age-inappropriate books available in Harford County public school libraries for middle and high school students, despite many out there claiming otherwise. She said the below six books are indeed still accessible to county students even though they’ve already been removed from many school libraries across the country.

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Muckraker: Guerin, Vigliotti confirm stance against return to mandates for employees: ‘Your choices are yours’

New Carroll County Commissioners Mike Guerin and Joe Vigliotti both recently confirmed their position against a return to mandating masks and COVID vaccines for county government employees, a view that contrasts with the policies of the previous Commissioners who were comparatively hawkish on the measures that have since proven to be damaging and ineffective.

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Muckraker: Johns Hopkins accused of denying gender-affirming surgery to trans-woman because she was ‘being aggressive’

The Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender and Gender Expansive Health is being accused of discriminating against a black-trans woman who says she was denied a requested gender-affirming surgery from the Center, according to a recent report from The Baltimore Banner

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Muckraker: First books reviewed by CCPS to be retained, but now Media Director appears reassigned

Carroll County Public Schools’s Reconsideration Committee is in the midst of reviewing more than 50 books after a series of book removal requests were submitted as part of an effort organized by the local Moms for Liberty chapter. The Reconsideration Committee was designed to review only a couple books at a time, not 50. Because of the volume of removal requests and public feedback on the issue, on August 14th, School Superintendent Cynthia McCabe decided to remove all the books at issue from circulation in school media centers until the entire review and appeal process could be completed.

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Muckraker: Domotor resists appointments of CAMO members to town commissions in Mt. Airy

In Mt. Airy, Councilman Stephen Domotor resisted the appointments of Heather Wallace to the town’s Planning Commission and Sean Kelly to its Board of Appeals, because of the pair’s affiliation with the community activist group known as Citizens Against Mt. Airy Overdevelopment (CAMO), a grassroots organization formed to moderate a series of ongoing residential and commercial development projects that may permanently change the landscape and character of the small town.

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