February 2023

Stacy Sellers

Emali's Farmhouse LLC

In our first ever edition of The Heart of Carroll we feature Stacy Sellers – a lifelong resident of Carroll County who operates Emali’s Farmhouse LLC.

Tell us about yourself/business? 
Emali’s Farmhouse, LLC is my flower business that I named after my two children, Emma and Eli.  I established it officially in 2017 but I have done flowers on the side for friends and family since 2006. While I specialize in both weddings and events in MD, PA and VA, weddings are my favorite because watching the bride’s face when they see the decor and florals all coming together is priceless!  When I’m not in the busy wedding season I do some funeral florals as well. I have always been very involved in agriculture. I grew up on a farm in Union Bridge and then married into a farming family here in Manchester. I began growing cut flowers a few years ago to benefit my flower business and started to sell them on a wagon at the end of the driveway on Tracey Mill Rd throughout the summer and fall along with produce. 

Tell us about what keeps you and your family busy?
We are constantly busy with field work, and planning for events. In our spare time we like to hang out with family and go fishing with the kids. 

Tell us about your roots to Carroll County.  What brought you here?  How long have you lived in Carroll?  
I’ve lived in Carroll County my whole life.
I grew up on a dairy farm in Union Bridge, MD. I now co-own a farm, Panora Acres, in Manchester with my husband and his family.  We had dairy cows up until February of 2022 and now we just grain farm about 2000 acres and raise beef cows. 

What keeps you here?  What is your favorite part about Carroll County?
I’ve always liked Carroll County because of the country feel and all the farms/agricultural land. It makes the whole world not seem so bad. 

Who has had the strongest influence in your life?
The strongest influence in my life is my mom. I would have never gotten into floral design if she hadn’t mentioned it when I was looking for something to do at career and tech. She taught me how to work and work hard for what you want.

What are your current goals and ambitions?
Either personal or professional. My goals are to raise my children on the farm so they can learn how to work hard and appreciate things.  I’d like to offer as many fresh home grown flowers to my customers and to brides for their big day. And to continue to learn the world of design as the trends are changing all the time. 

How can our audience find out more about you/your business?
You can find all my wedding albums and work on Facebook and Instagram at Emali’s Farmhouse LLC and online at emalisfarmhouse.com. If you’re interested in events I do book about 8 months to a year out so inquire early! 

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