May 2023

Steve Moore

Owner, Run Moore

In our May edition of The Heart of Carroll we feature Steve Moore – owner of Run Moore, a specialty running store in downtown Westminster.

Tell us about yourself/business?
I am the owner of Run Moore, a specialty running store located in Westminster. We are now approaching our 9th year of operation. I am a lifelong runner and compete at a variety of distances throughout the year. When I am not running or running my running business, I am quite active and occupied with my family as a husband and father of two. We recently moved to a more rural part of Westminster so we spend a lot of time working on house projects, playing with our Angora bunny, or shooting hoops with our kids.
Tell us about your roots to Carroll County.  What brought you here?  How long have you lived in Carroll?
My wife and I moved to Carroll County in 2009. Previously, we were living in Baltimore City but decided that we wanted to move and start a family. We absolutely love it here in Westminster, and it has truly been a perfect location for the shop and raising our family. It is truly wonderful being a part of this community, and having my work and home within close proximity.
What keeps you here?  What is your favorite part about Carroll County?
Carroll County has the best of everything. It is nice to live in a quiet area and yet still have the opportunity to easily visit larger cities like Baltimore or Frederick. Since my wife and I relocated to Carroll County, my parents and sister have also decided to make this area their home. It’s just a wonderful place to live and run, with lots of hills, trails, and friendly people.

Who has had the strongest influence in your life? 
I would say my parents had the biggest impact on my life. They are both highly dedicated individuals who worked for decades at their respective jobs, while still making time for my sister and I. My parents taught me a lot about personal values and work ethic, which has been instrumental in reaching where I am today (in life and with my shop).

What are your current goals and ambitions? Either personal or professional.
We’ve been very fortunate to have a viable small business in operation for this long, surviving the peak of the COVID pandemic, as well as the rise of very large corporate players, like Amazon. I am so proud of our shop and I hope to see Run Moore continue to grow and thrive. On a personal level, I have a goal of spending more time exploring Europe with my family. We semi recently took an amazing trip to Portugal, which had been planned for quite some time, but was delayed due to pandemic complications. When we finally visited Portugal, we were blown away by the immense history and culture. My family hopes to return to Portugal and explore other parts of Europe, as well as the world in general.
How can our audience find out more about you/your business?
Run Moore is located in Downtown Westminster, on the same block as Rafael’s and Jeanie Bird. If you’re able to, please stop by anytime and say hello to our friendly and welcoming staff. We have a growing online presence, including a YouTube channel that provides an educational approach to selecting the appropriate footwear for you and your needs. In store, we always offer a free sizing evaluation, pressure testing, and gate analysis to optimize the fitting experience for each customer and ensure you end up in the proper shoes for you! If you are unable to visit our shop in person, be sure to check out our website ( and YouTube channel (
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