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Keep Mt. Airy Small: Public Hearing & Vote on Mixed Use Tonight, November 6th!

This article brought to you by Citizens Against Mt. Airy Overdevelopment (C.A.M.O.).

Public hearing to be held at 6:40 p.m. on Mixed Use District Zoning

The town council will vote on ordinance 2023-32 to amend Mixed Use District (MXD) provisions related to open space tonight. The current MXD code allows developers to provide just 10% of a property’s acreage in open space. Ordinance 2023-32 seeks to increase required open space to 30%.

A study of open space requirements in Mixed Use Districts in surrounding areas in Maryland has shown that 30% is about the average open space required. Typically, more congested areas like Montgomery County require open space at 10% (or less). While the proposed open space percentage is still less than what typical high density development in Mount Airy requires (50%), Ordinance 2023-32 would be a significant improvement over the current 10% requirement, which is exceedingly low.

Developers will most likely be there to voice their strong opposition to the ordinance since it impacts their bottom line. Please consider voicing your opinion at the public hearing!

The Town Council will vote to adopt the ordinance tonight.

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