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Muckraker: New eyewitness says Delen just shot Lewis, there was no altercation, no fight

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Brian Delen who is accused of murdering Jimmy Wayne Lewis, who identified as Meghan Riley Lewis

BEL AIR — An eyewitness who observed Brian Delen fatally shoot Jimmy Wayne Lewis at English Country Manor condominiums on December 27th, told investigators that, contrary to what Delen originally reported to Police, there was no altercation between the two, no argument, no fight.

Instead, the eyewitness, a resident of English Country Manor with a good view of what happened, says they observed Delen pull up in his car, and when Lewis approached, perhaps waving down a food delivery he’d been expecting, Delen opened his car door, leaned out, and shot Lewis.

This according to a transcription of a bond review hearing from Friday, February 2nd obtained by Maryland Muckraker, where Harford County State’s Attorney Alison Healey detailed this new evidence, which also clarifies why Delen’s murder charge was elevated from second degree murder to first degree.

Another eyewitness, an individual who was nearby in a vehicle, similarly told investigators they heard no argument between Delen and Lewis.

Delen originally told Police that Lewis confronted him and attacked him after he misgendered Lewis, a man identifying as a trans-woman, asking, “Are you waiting for a food delivery, sir?” Delen’s public defender maintained at the time that Delen had a “Strong self-defense argument.”

Presenting more new evidence, State’s Attorney Healey described findings from a search of Delen’s car, where an additional handgun was found, different from the one he shot Lewis with, along with several magazines and dozens of rounds of ammunition.

Healey also described an alleged road rage incident involving Delen that police responded to in July of 2023, where Delen allegedly threatened to beat up a motorist after both he and Delen narrowly avoided a fender bender.

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