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Citizens Report: County Commissioner Meeting – Feb 2, 2023

Here are the top take-a-ways from the county commissioner meeting:

Commercial Rezoning Denied for Eldersburg Parcel – Public Hearing and Decision-Rezoning Case No.229 – Hutton Street 21, LLC. Hutton Street 21, LLC(the applicant) requested that the commissioners allow 1.931 acres in the back of the property located at 1500 Liberty Rd, Eldersburg be rezoned from Residential to C-2 Commercial Medium due to a mistake in current zoning.  County staff presented their belief that there was a mistake in the last comprehensive rezoning that applied the R-20,000 designation to the rear of the property. On December 13, 2022 the county planning and zoning commission gave a favorable recommendation on rezoning the residential part of the property to C-2. The applicant testified that the plans for the entire parcel included a new car wash and that there was not enough room in the front portion to move forward.  Close to 10 community members that live adjacent to the property voiced their opposition and implored the commissioners to consider the homeowners in addition to the developers. Commissioner Rothstein made a motion to deny rezoning the property from residential to C-2, which subsequently passed with a vote of 3-2. 

Commissioners hear testimony and public comment regarding Hutton Street 21, LLC rezoning case

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