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BLM, Black “Resistance” Month Celebrated in CCPS High School

A photo of the Resistance Month display at Winters Mill High School containing BLM and other social justice propaganda.

Students and parents reported a “Resistance Month” bulletin board in honor of Black History at a Carroll County high school.

The social justice bulletin at Winters Mill High School prominently features the raised fists symbol which, according to Wikipedia, “is generally associated with Black nationalism, Black pride, solidarity, socialism” and the controversial Black Lives Matter organization.  

Surrounding the fists were some historical figures typically celebrated during Black History Month such as Colin Powell, Mohammed Ali, Billie Holiday and Shirley Chisholm, but this wasn’t the center of students’ and parents’ concerns.

Instead, it was photos of the BLM riots and Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem that parents took issue with.  

“We all support Black History, but to conflate this with BLM and socialism is wrong.” said a Winters Mill parent. “It sends the wrong message.”

The BLM display is the latest example of identity politics in CCPS, often described as one of the tenants of Critical Race Theory.  Many parents claim that the state-mandated Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs, also known as DEI, push the CRT agenda.

The controversy first surfaced in Carroll County back in 2021, when many parents began to speak at Board of Education meetings against DEI measures.  At the time, local NAACP chapter president Rodney Morris spoke for the necessity of DEI in Carroll County.  

“Racism is alive and well in Carroll County,” said Morris.

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