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Commissioners Approve Study of 3 Endangered Species and Bald Eagle’s nest in Airport Expansion

Last Thursday, during open session, the Board of County Commissioners approved a supplemental environmental assessment requested by the FAA. The assessment, known as Delta task order #7, is a part of the airport expansion and will cost $260,000.  90%, or $234,000 will be paid by the FAA while Carroll County will pay 10% or $26,000. 

The assessment will be looking at 3 federally endangered species, the Bog Turtle, the Indiana Bat and the Northern Long Eared bat.  

The bog turtle is the smallest turtle found on the east coast of North America. The 4.5 inch turtle is easily recognizable due to a large yellow patch on its neck.  The Northern Long Eared bat can be found from Manitoba, Canada to Florida and is around 4 inches in length with an eight inch wing span.  The Indiana Bat, while similar to the Northern Long Eared Bat in size and look, notably though, has larger feet.  

In addition to the three federally endangered species listed above, Bryan Bokey, director of Public Works, thanked two local residents who brought to his attention a bald eagle’s nest in the area.  Mr. Bokey said that he sent pictures and coordinates of the nest to the FAA for their consideration.

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