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Sykesville: Planning Commission Votes Unanimously to Extend Public Comment for the Parkside Extension Due to Storm

Citizen Report: Sykesville Planning Commission Meeting  August 7, 2023 

This meeting was changed to a virtual meeting because of the major storm that went through the area this evening.  Joe Cosentini recommended that while all efforts were made to announce the change in venue to a virtual meeting, the public comment period could be extended for the Parkside Extension.  The Commission voted unanimously to extend the public comment for an additional 30 days from today. 

Public Hearing on Parkside Extension

Town Planner, Kevin Rubenstein opened explaining that a public hearing is required as the Commission considers preliminary plan, pattern book on PEC zone.  The applicant is Elm Street that plans a 47-unit, 24- foot wide townhome development.  County comment letters reflect that the applicant is actively working with the various County agencies for approvals and there are no material changes indicated by the County.  A representative from Elm Street indicated that the remaining updates to the plan for the County’s approval, are in regard stormwater management.

In addition, the Commission voted in July 2023 that the Adequate Public Facilities certification for the Parkside extension was adequate and a counsel should draft a letter to be transmitted to the Clerk and Town Council.  That letter was approved and unanimously voted to forward it on to the Town Council.  Before the letter was approved the following was discussed.

Elm Street did reach out to the Schools, Bill Cane, recommends approval under the Carroll County Adequate Public Facilities and what they use as a planning tool for future capital improvements. 

The Commission had additional discussion about future commercial development in regard to concerns with road and water/sewer issues. The County current plant has a 3.5-million-gallon/day capacity and currently processes 2.8 million/day.  There is 600,000 gallons available which is a robust processing capacity.  

The next step is the letter to be presented to the Council.  August 14 is the next Town Council meeting.

Town updates

Mr. Rubenstein provided the following updates:

  • Town has had discussions with the Carroll County Planning and Development Review Department better align with the County before getting into the planning ordinance rewrites.
  • Discussions School Overlook Property which is a 5-unit subdivision on Schoolhouse Road.  The applicant is working with Carroll County with preliminary plan, water issues (likely wells will be required) and other issues with county comment letters.
  • The Joy Property sent an email to confirm some items.  Town is waiting for final proposal.
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