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Delegate Tomlinson Calls on the Maryland Legislature to Stand with Israel

Annapolis, MD – Six days ago, Israel came under attack from the radical Islamic group Hamas, who continues to fire thousands of rockets from Gaza indiscriminately at civilian targets throughout Israel. Reports coming from Israel tell of young people slain while attending a music festival, babies found beheaded, families burned alive in their homes, and countless hostages taken into Gaza as human shields against Israeli military reprisals.

“These acts by Hamas are pure evil. I stand with the Jewish community and Israel’s right to defend themselves against radical Islamic extremism,” said Delegate Tomlinson. “I call on the Maryland General Assembly to denounce Hamas and Iran, who is the longtime state sponsor of Hamas, for these terror attacks and support our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel, in their fight against radical Islamic extremism.”

Israel was completely taken by surprise by these coordinated terror attacks by Hamas. This represents a major breakdown in intelligence in the surrounding region.

“On the home front, it is our responsibility to remain vigilant to protect ourselves from terror attacks such as this. Homeland security begins at the local level,” remarked Delegate Tomlinson.  

Delegate Tomlinson represents Legislative District 5 which covers the majority of Carroll County and some of Frederick County. Delegate Tomlinson started his first term in January and he serves on the House Judiciary Committee. Delegate Tomlinson lives in Melrose (north of Manchester) in Carroll County with his wife and newborn child.


Delegate Chris Tomlinson

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