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Taneytown Man Sentenced to More Than 60 Years for Shooting Near Elementary School

On August 17, 2023, a jury found Michael Joiner, 37 years old, guilty of multiple crimes of violence and reckless endangerment of minor children related to a shooting on February 10, 2023, that sent victim Ted Rill to Shock Trauma for several months and left him permanently injured.

Judge Fred S. Hecker, who presided over the trial, stated at the sentencing hearing today that he agreed with the jury verdict, emphasizing that the jury did not believe Joiner’s version of events in which he claimed self-defense.  Judge Hecker referred to a video of the incident played at trial that made it appear as if Joiner and his co-Defendant Kristen Naill were lying in wait for Mr. Rill and immediately pointed guns at him when he arrived. Judge Hecker pointed out that Mr. Rill was clearly unarmed, was not on the Defendant’s property, and posed no threat to Joiner which would justify the use of lethal force. 

On the count of First Degree Assault of Ted Rill, Judge Hecker issued a sentence of 25 years to the Division of Corrections (DOC), 10 years suspended, with 15 years to be served immediately.  On the count of First Degree Assault of Lester Rill, Judge Hecker sentenced Joiner to 15 years in the DOC to be served concurrently with the 25 years Joiner was sentenced for assaulting Ted Rill.  On the count of Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime of Violence for assaulting Ted Rill, Judge Hecker sentenced Joiner to 5 years to the DOC, consecutive to the previous counts, with an additional 5 years to be served concurrently for the Use of a Firearm in the assault of Lester Rill.  Joiner was sentenced on two counts of Reckless Endangerment of two minor children present during the time of the shooting.  Joiner received 5 years, all but 1 year suspended for each count.

Joiner was sentenced to total of 60 years, with the non-suspended portion of active incarceration totaling 22 years and 2 days.  Upon release Joiner will be placed on a period of 5 years of supervised probation.  Judge Hecker noted Joiner’s lack of remorse in imposing the sentence.

The Office of the State’s Attorney for Carroll County was represented by Deputy State’s Attorney Sandra L. Johnson and Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Alicia Kuhns. The lead investigator in the case was Maryland State Police (MSP) Corporal Theodore Buck.  The MSP were aided by members of the Taneytown Police as well as members of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.  The Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network provided video enhancement services to assist the prosecution of the case.    

Carroll County State’s Attorney Haven Shoemaker exclaimed, “The stiff sentence handed out to Joiner will give him plenty of time think about the potentially deadly consequences of his despicable and reckless actions leading up to and including the shooting that happened right next to Northwest Middle School in broad daylight.”

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