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Citizen Commentary: Maryland State Education Association Ramps Up Lies And Extreme Language For ’24 Local School Board Races

Citizen Commentary: Jan Greenhawk(retired Talbot County public school teacher) – the following was originally published December 11, 2024 in the Easton Gazette

MSEA regards ordinary, non-educator citizens who run for school boards as a threat to public education. In a message sent out this week, the Association warned membership that the election of “shadowy, extremist groups with little to no experience or training in education theory or practice are challenging previously embraced K-12 literature and curriculum” would take” instructional decisions out of the hands of educators and books out of media centers. The stakes for school board races are becoming higher—their impact goes beyond what your next contract looks like and extends into parts of our schools and profession that have always been seen as the purview of educators rather than political extremists.”

Wow. Talk about extremist language and hyperbole! Mom and Dad as threats? I’m not sure the union understands the meaning of the word “public.” 

Describing average parents and community members who don’t want their children exposed to pornography, racial division, hatred and harmful gender ideology as “fringe, reactionary, and billionaire-funded ” indicates that the teachers’ unions have forgotten what the citizens of this State and Country want. They want their children taught academic content and skills, not hateful political and activist ideology. And, as stated in this column before, unions have forgotten that most of their members feel the same way. That is why teachers are leaving the profession in droves citing the fact that they can’t continue to lie and indoctrinate children. 

Imagine describing the citizen taxpayers and parents your organizations serve in such derogatory and hateful terms. Only in a public union can you get away with that. 

It’s also insulting to insinuate that only those who have worked in the education establishment should be elected to school boards. I think the union has forgotten that School Boards are supposed to be citizen oversight boards that represent the members of the communities they serve, not just former educators. Many times, the perspectives of non-educators in these positions spur successful, practical, and innovative programs. 

Is educational experience the real issue here, or is it just that the Teachers’ Unions wants School Board rubber stamps for teachers to indoctrinate students in the beliefs of Progressive splinter groups? Do they really think that taking pornographic materials out of the classroom is a problem? In their screed against conservative candidates, they quote the director of the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom, Deborah Caldwell-Stone, “This is a dangerous time for readers and the public servants who provide access to reading materials. Readers, particularly students, are losing access to critical information, and librarians and teachers are under attack for doing their jobs.” Does critical information include graphic descriptions and depictions of oral, anal, vaginal sex; rape and pedophilia in the classrooms of our schools?

Why Are Public Officials Openly Supporting Pornography In Our Classrooms? – Easton Gazette

This drive against citizen/parental rights is also schizophrenic on the part of the union. They want community/parents’ votes when the union wants a raise, better working conditions or help in classrooms, but don’t want to hear from non-educators on school boards, especially if they don’t extol the union “party line.” The message is clearly, sit down, shut up, and don’t run for School Board.”

Yet, the union complains that in Maryland, educators have witnessed efforts to “muzzle educators from western Maryland to the Eastern Shore.” The reality is that most teachers fear going against the union and educational establishment more than they do conservatives on school boards. 

Hypocrites and liars.

There are plenty of former educators and teachers who run for Board of Education positions. I can think of several on our current and past boards. Funny thing is, the union, despite their tirade against those who have ” little to no experience or training in education theory or practice,” won’t support veterans from the education system in Board elections unless those candidates support the Marxist, extreme positions of the union. They hate former teachers/educators who are Conservatives too!

It seems MSEA is also horrified by the alleged “billions” of dollars supporting conservative BOE candidates. This seems ironic when one considers the following stories exposing the extravagant salaries and massive Teacher’s Union revenues and assets:

Maryland Teachers Union revenues and assets hit record highs as student test scores plummet | WBFF (

Maryland Teachers Union employees earn $181,000 on average | WBFF (

Maryland’s teachers union spent $509K on travel, while counties struggle to fund public ed | WBFF (

Part Two: The Lies They Tell You About Education in the U.S.- Unions Care About Teachers and Students – Radio Free Oxford

Little of this money goes to helping teachers. In 2020, the NEA spent over $50 million on “political activities and lobbying” and $120 million on other “contributions, gifts and grants” which can be political in nature. These include funding their own political action committees, ballot initiatives (that often have nothing to do with teachers or education) and at least $20 million to self-proclaimed “progressive” organizations. (

The one thing that is blatantly clear in this article is that the unions are afraid of losing their continued stranglehold on the public-school systems in Maryland. They talk about “inclusion” but work to stifle anyone, educator or not, who doesn’t toe their progressive, Marxist line and they will throw millions at preventing diverse voice and ideas from being heard. 

Get ready folks. If you thought the Presidential race was going to be contentious in 2024, local school board elections are going to be just as bad. Or worse.

The link below shows the Union losing its collective mind and having a total meltdown over the idea of losing control of school boards in Maryland:

School Board Elections 2024: What’s at Stake – Maryland State Education Association (

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