Carroll Report Sykesville

Sykesville Town Council Meeting – Two Cars Stolen Recently Recovered in Catonsville, Waste Services for Raincliffe

Public Safety Report

Chief Michael Spaulding provided the safety report for the timeframe between November 21- December 4, 2023.  The two cars recently stolen on the same night in Town were recovered in Catonsville.  Recruit Anthony Bond is halfway through his training and will be on the force in April 2024.  Town events are planned for the Spring for drug awareness including naloxone. Lt. Queen provided a report for the Auxiliary in regard to their 1610 hours of volunteer service. 

Closed Session

After the open session of the Council meeting, the meeting was closed pursuant to the General Provisions Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, Section 3-305(b): (8) To consult with staff, consultants, or other individuals about pending or potential litigation.  The closed session was specifically in regard to pending litigation of the Warfield lawsuits.

Curbside Solid Waste and Recyclable Collection Services for the Raincliffe Community

The Town worked with the Raincliffe Community’s HOA to provide Curbside Solid Waste and Recyclable Collection Services.  The recommendation is to use a 3rd party provider, Fogle’s who provides the service presently.  This work if done with Town staff time plus tipping fees would be financially comparable.  The current $15,400 annual rebate provided by the Town to the HOA will be eliminated.  The Council voted unanimously for the Town to provide these services to the Raincliffe Community in the amount of $32,790.  This will begin on January 1, 2024. 

Rebate for Parkside Community Solid Waste and Recyclable Collection Services

Parkside is seeking annual rebate for taxes using the same model as Raincliffe.  The assessed values are a little higher making the annual rebate calculation from the Town to Parkside $19,140. When Parkside’s contract with their current service provider is complete the Town will revisit to offer services either by the Town or through a 3rd party.  This will be in approximately 4 more years. The Council voted unanimously for the Town to provide an annual tax rebate for these services.

Free Steering Wheel Safety Devices

There has been an uptick in the request for free steering wheel “clubs” with 60+ of the 120 donated by Hyundai.  More are being ordered.  Residents may contact the Police Department to obtain one of these safety devices.

Public Meeting Scheduled for the Planning Committee

A Public Meeting will be held on January 8 in regard to the Joy Property zoning text amendment for conditional use for service stations.

Sidewalk Improvements

Shannon Run Park and Jennifer Way/Kalorama repairs will start soon.

State Roadwork on Main Street

When the State repaved and restriped, they eliminated some of the parking.  The State will be back to replace those parking spots.

Annual Holiday Home Decoration Contest

The Town Council will be judging for Annual Holiday Home Decoration contest again on the evening of Monday the 18th starting at 6:00pm.  Per the Town Facebook page, “[w]inners will be chosen that night and … given a yard sign to proudly display! Photos of the winning houses will be shared on the Town’s social media pages”.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Town has volunteer opportunities available on the Historic District Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, and Police Auxiliary.  Email for more information about volunteering with the Town. 

This meeting can be seen in its entirety at

Next meeting will be held on January 8, 20243 at 7pm.

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