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Citizen Commentary: Kit Hart –  I said it, I meant it and we’re not going to stop…

Citizen Commentary: Kit Hart is a member of the Carroll County, MD community and the chair of the Carroll County Chapter of Moms for Liberty.  Her chapter is responsible for bringing over 60 sexually explicit books in the school media centers to the attention of the Carroll County BOE leading to the board’s bold action to change school system policies.

Recently, it’s been brought to my attention that myself and my chapter have been criticized because Moms for Liberty continues to cause “controversy.” I have even heard that some are tired of us “creating more work.” 

To these people, I must remind you, controversy and crises are uncomfortable.  But that is because both are the inevitable byproducts of exposing the truth. 

In 2020 and 2021, when parents helplessly watched their children strap a piece of cloth to their face even though they knew that it was severely delaying their speech development, they were uncomfortable.  When logical, sound-minded individuals found out that there was erotica in Carroll County Public School Media Centers parading as “educational materials,” they were uncomfortable.  When parents found out that PRIDE flags were being displayed in schools, indicating that some adults were “safe” and others were “not safe,” they were uncomfortable.

For far too long, parents were asleep at the wheel. We naively believed that we could drop our children off at a school building for over 16,000 hours spanning their K-12 academic careers, without a second thought as to how the most impressionable years of their lives were being spent. 

But if a silver lining has emerged through the catastrophe we all experienced through COVID, it is the fact that parents have awakened and become activated.

We are now seeing that when parents were begged to “become involved,” it simply meant to contribute to the next bake sale and chaperone the next field trip.  It certainly didn’t mean that we were allowed to ask any questions or raise any concerns.  We have been told that the job of instilling values and morals in our children now belongs to the “professionals.”

According to some, we need to sit down, shut up and stop creating controversy.

I do not accept this premise.  The moms and dads who work beside me do not accept this premise.  Everytime we reveal the truth to more parents and more members of the Carroll County community, they feel uncomfortable.  But they also wake up and begin to work with us to expose the next truth. 

Moms for Liberty-Carroll County believes that parents have the fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their children and we help them to realize that right does not stop at the classroom door.  

We are not going to stop exposing the truth, we are not going to stop making the community feel uncomfortable because of the truth and we are not going to stop empowering parents.

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