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Informed Carroll Transitions to New Social Media Hub

In a recent move, Informed Carroll has shifted its Facebook presence to a new public page, marking a significant shift in its online strategy to reach wider audiences.

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Originally a private Facebook group sharing its namesake, Informed Carroll County (ICC) inherited its social media following from a Hampstead resident and local business owner. Established in 2016 to champion the cause against the closure of three Carroll County public schools. Despite the unsuccessful outcome of the closure initiative, the group went dormant until its revival under Informed Carroll in 2021. Since then, ICC has flourished, expanding its membership to over 9,400 with robust daily engagement, amassing a wealth of content spanning three years.

Existing members of the private group will notice a new “Hampstead-Manchester Online Community” branding as the original creator takes back ownership.

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Now with a new Facebook page, Informed Carroll has ambitious plans to leverage its existing followers and email subscribers and expanding further into the social media space. With a fresh page, Twitter, and Instagram, the organization hopes to reach new audiences and strengthen its online presence.

Informed Carroll encourages original Facebook followers and all readers alike to like, follow and share their new Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts as they embark on this exciting journey.

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