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County Commissioners: Pinch Valley Road Decision scheduled to take place first week of April

Here are the top take-a-ways from the county commissioner meeting:

Administrative SessionPinch Valley Road decision scheduled to take place first week of April

During discussion regarding the upcoming schedules, Commissioner Guerin expressed concern that the agenda indicated that a decision was scheduled to take place the first week of April regarding the Pinch Valley Rd closure even though his two requests for staff to present traffic safety mitigation options and plans for the residents of the community had not been met.  It was decided to add “discussion” to the agenda and that staff would try to bring information about what can be done to offer safe options to residents given the county’s commitments to the FAA to close the road.

Administrative discussion regarding Pinch Valley Rd decision

Sykesville Main Street Water and Sewer Engineering and Design Project-Change order Request 

The Office of Procurement, in cooperation with the Bureau of Utilities, requested approval to award a change order to Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc. $55,402.25 for additional construction phase engineering services.  The Sykesville Main Street water and sewer project is projected to last until the end of this calendar year and has encountered some challenges that lead to this request.  Challenges included but not limited to uncovering unknown storm drains and the discovery of contaminated soil near the Sandusky Rd intersection that is likely due to an old gas station from the 1970s.  The change order was approved with a 5-0 vote.

Sykesville Main Street Water and Sewer Engineering and Design Project

Discussion on the 2024 Consolidated Transportation Plan Priority Letter

During the public comment portion of the discussion, three citizens spoke of “heavy and nonstop” trucking traffic, historic building degradation and the hindrance of bringing business to downtown as reasons to reconsider making the Taneytown bypass a priority and having it added to the Consolidated Transportation Plan Priority Letter.  

The Taneytown bypass project dates back to 1964 when it was a part of the major street plan for the county and in the mid 70s it was identified as a critical need.  In 2007 it was determined that the funding needed was not available and subsequently the project was dropped from the county’s priority letter in 2013 because according to the state it no longer met the constraints needed in order to be included on the state highway needs inventory. 

Commissioner Vigliotti made a request that the project be included again in the CTP priority letter as well as having a separate letter drafted that addressed the need for the bypass to be investigated again. All five commissioners agreed.

Lynda D. Eisenberg, Director of Planning and Mary Lane, Planning Manager went on to summarize the letter noting that after discussions with the separate towns and jurisdictions, there was little change to last year’s letter other than the addition of the Taneytown Bypass. Last year’s Consolidated Transportation Plan Priority Letter can be found here.(add link)

Discussion on the 2024 Consolidated Transportation Plan Priority Letter

Briefing on Resolution C23-05 – Brynwood Hills 

This project includes the stream restoration and storm drain restoration near Eldersburg Elementary and Johnsville Rd.  There has been ongoing communication with the community residents regarding imminent disruption on Johnsville Rd during the construction. The work is expected to address uncontrolled runoff, drainage concerns and streambank erosion concerns in the area. Due to price increases since the original budgeted amounts were approved in 2020 and an error in the engineering estimate, a budget transfer of $365,200 from the infrastructure reserve fund to the project was needed and approved in a 5-0 vote.  The entire project was awarded to CJ Miller in the amount of $2,454,919 with a 5-0 vote.

Briefing on Resolution C23-05 – Brynwood Hills

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