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Sykesville: Eric Manas appointed to the Historic District Commission for a 3-year term expiring March 2026

Here are the top take-a-ways from the Town of Sykesville Council Meeting on March 13, 2023:

Sykesville Town Council Meeting March 13, 2023

Historic District Commission Appointment

The Council appointed Eric Manas to the Historic District Commission for a 3-year term expiring March 2026.

Pullman Car Stair Repair

Mark Franz from the Sykesville & Patapsco Railway model train club, spoke about the Pullman car stairs that are in disrepair.  The Town Manager will look into the budget funds to cover repair or replacement.

Future Robert S. Moton High School Museum

Bill Hudson, President of the Former Students and Friends of Robert S. Moton High School came to speak about creating a museum in Carroll County that highlights not only the history of Robert Moton High School but of black history in Carroll County as well.  The Former Students and Friends of Robert Moton High School is an organization composed of alumni of the Westminster school.  The group is looking for support from the Town and community.  Mayor Link stated that she will bring this up at the next Mayor meeting to present a resolution for assistance in getting space.

March 27 meeting cancelled

The Mayor and Town Manager are going to be out of town and suggest cancelling the March 27 meeting.  This coincides with the last day to file for candidacy for Town Council seats.  April 10th would be the public announcement.  Town Elections do not require a public meeting for nominations and announcements upon filing anymore.  The Council voted to cancel the March 27th.  The next meeting is Monday, April 10, 2023.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have volunteer opportunities available on the Historic District Commission and Police Auxiliary.  Email for more information about volunteering with the Town. 

Election Announcements 

Candidacy filing forms must be submitted by noon on March 27.  Mail-in ballot request forms are available on the Town’s website.  Election Day is May 2. 

Road Closures

Last week for road closures has been completed. For the rest of this current week.  Complaint that the message boards on Route 32 that Main Street was closed when it was open.

Post Office Closed

The Post Office is being painted and will be closed until Tuesday 3/21/23.

Bulk Trash and More on April 15

The Town bulk trash pick-up in scheduled for Friday, April 15.  This year, the Habitat for Humanity truck will be at the Little Sykes parking lot for residents to fill the truck with donation. At the same location, the Town may have shredding company available.  If your donation is too large for residents to deliver to the truck, please call Habitat for Humanity for pick up.

Treasurer’s Report 

Craig Weaver presented the February treasurer’s report. Revenues exceed expenses by $463,000.  The Town received $233,000 in income taxes, $26,000 in Highway user revenue, and $7000 for the sale of a Town vehicle. The Town received about $11,000 more in real estate taxes than expected.  

On the expense side, the budget realignment was applied. In detail of some of the payments, $5000 to Bitzer and Associates for the appraisal report of Warfield property, $40,000 to KCI for engineering the Townhouse lawn project, $105,000 to New Holland Auto for police trucks, $10,000 to Parker Fuel for Gatehouse boiler, $11,300 in auto repairs, and $18,300 to Telneck Group for Main Street cameras.  Weaver also contacted the Town’s bank to get assurance that Town’s deposits are all secure and insured by the bank.  

Council member Grasley asked that the detailed budget is posted to the Treasury area of the Website for transparency.

Council member Carter asked that the Comcast naming of the Townhouse and Police are indicated separately.

Public Safety Report 

Chief Spaulding answered various questions of the Council including defecation in daylight, a dog bite, and an altercation on Schoolhouse Road by a known unruly youth for which a juvenile petition was filed.

In addition, the Chief spoke about two incidences where our newer officers came to aid of individuals in trouble.  A call went out in regard to an altercation in Mt Airy. Officer Jacobs, first on scene as he was driving to work, was able to deescalate a situation where the juvenile was harming their parent.  Also, Officer Hobba administered NARCAN to a call of an overdosed person.  A second dose was needed and the individual was brought back to life.  In both situations, lives where protected/saved.

In the Police Report from February 21- March 5, there were 401 incidents.  The Mayor asked what the situation was with a theft on Springfield Avenue.  It was explained that Spanish speaking cleaning people stole money from a residence.  Officer Pichardo, who speaks Spanish, visited these women and facilitated the money to be returned.  

Sergeant Lacey is a new hire and will be on board the force next week. He joins us from Mt. Airy.  Before working with Mt. Airy, he was with the State Troopers until retirement.

Congratulations to Officer Annalise Young is the Office of the Year after only 8 months’ total service and Officer Ian Wood is the Auxiliary Officer of the Year.

Historic District Commission 

HDC will meet on Wednesday at 2pm meeting via Zoom about updates on guidelines.

Planning Commission 

In its last meeting, the Planning Commission reviewed the planning document to be added to comprehensive plan and other documents that should be available on the website for the public to see.

Closed Session

The mayor then moved the meeting to closed sessionThe meeting is proposed to be closed pursuant to the General Provisions Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, Section 3-305(b): (3) To consider the acquisition of real property for a public purpose and matters directly related thereto.  The topic was about Acquisition of Property – Downtown Sykesville Connection Proposal.

The next meeting is Monday, April 10, 2023.

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