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Sykesville: New Town Council President Unanimously Appointed

Citizen Report: The top take-a-ways from the Sykesville Town Council Meeting on May 22, 2023:

Sykesville Town Council Meeting May 22, 2023

New Council President Appointed:

Anna Carter was nominated for a second term as Council President and the Council unanimously approved her appointment. 

FY2023 Budget Revision:

Ordinance NO. 2023-03 for a budget revision was discussed and the Council unanimously approved the changes. The Town Manager, Joe Consentini discussed the details.  Revenue license and permits increased mostly due to the splash pad. Other revenue increases are due to health insurance rebates received and reduction in grants where the Town will not be spending extra money on projects.  Police expenses increased $38,000 due to hiring and outfitting new employees and an increase in fuel expenses.  With the public works, fuel dumpster replacement was paid with the snow budget not needed last year.  Parks maintenance splash pad, fence, landscaping and tree care.  Linear Trail pocket park and bridges in Cooper Park will be pushed to after July 1st.

Treasurer’s Report:

Town Treasurer, Craig Weaver presented the April treasurer report. 

Downtown Sykesville Connection Loan

Weaver started by explaining how the $500,000 loan to the Downtown Sykesville Connection for the purchase of a building is recorded on the balance sheet.  It’s located in loans receivable – DSC under Other Assets.  The full payment for the property came out of Savings (line 106).  This switches the overall assets without a change balance the amount.   Over time, the DSC will pay the loan down and the Loan Receivable – DSC will be reduced.  Weaver plans to record the receivable from the DSC on a quarterly basis as the Town formerly paid the DSC quarterly. There will also be interest income received.

Check register

  • The Town purchased a Leaf Collector $4,400 from the City of Dover.  The Council hopes to have it in the July parade if the road is safe for it. 
  • Payment of $500,000 for the DSC building purchase.
  • $4,700 spend for office furniture for the new officers.
  • Cooper Park had expenses for landscaping and trees by Seven Springs. 
  • The Spring newsletter by SK was $4000. This led to a discussion about putting out for new bids, however set up costs make this cost prohibitive.  Additional conversation on how the newsletters addressed may help ensure everyone gets their copy.  The Town is also looking into digital newsletters to reduce the number of copies needed to be printed.

Public Safety Report:

Chief Spaulding presented the Police Report for the period of May 2-15 which included 364 events.  To the report, the Police have added details on assisting other agencies.  They have continued with creative community outreach activities from the education of a parent of a hearing impair child on how to communicate with police to ice cream on Bunker Hill Ct as well as radar gun shooting the speed of kids’ lacrosse shots.  An incident of dropped cigarettes caused small fires was reported anonymously.  The fires were quickly put out. This gives a reminder to the public to be cautious especially in the dry and Fall leaf season with cigarettes and fires. Sgt. Kirkner graduated on May 19th from Northwestern School of Police and Command after completing their 10-week program.  Chief Spaulding, Lt Kilgore and Kirkner’s wife all attended. His training will assist by providing input and recommendations within the Department.  Chamber of Commerce awarded both Sgt. Kirkner and Lt Kilgore received Lifesaving awards and Medal of Valor both attended by Mayor Link, Councilman Grasley and Town Manager Joe Cosentini.

Auxiliary Police Report:

Auxiliary commander, Lt. Jeff Queen presented the staffing, hours and activities in what will be a quarterly report.  Chief Spaulding stated that the Auxiliary assistance is a “force multiplier”.  Providing 490 hours of service, this six-person volunteer force increased hours by 72% from last year under Queens leadership. This included 121 hours of ride-a-alongs to build relationship with the Town Police.  They give support at many events, patrols, the splash pad, Middle School crossing guard, and administrative duties. The Auxiliary has received training in first aid, CPR/AED, CSX Training and Stop the Bleed. Continued training will include Narcan and report writing to better support the Police. With the better weather, the force will up patrols. Over the next 3 months, the Auxiliary will start a recruitment campaign for 3 more officers.  Qualifications are to have reliable transportation, be 21 or older, and have the willingness to serve 10 hours a month.  If you or someone you know is interested in this volunteer opportunity, please contact Lt. Queen at 410-795-0757 or

Volunteer Opportunities:

The Town has volunteer opportunities available on the Historic District Commission and Police Auxiliary. Please email for more information about volunteering with the Town. 

Other Announcements:

The splash pad will be opening Friday, May 26th.  Also be looking for Cooper Park Concerts and Movie Nights coming soon.  

Closed Session:

The Council moved to a meeting proposed to be closed pursuant to the General Provisions Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, Section 3-305(b): (1) To discuss the appointment, employment, assignment, promotion, discipline, demotion, compensation, removal, resignation, or performance evaluation of appointees, employees, or officials over whom it has jurisdiction; or any other personnel matter that affects one or more specific individuals, and (7) to consult with counsel to obtain legal advice on a legal matter. The personnel issue is in regard to re-employment request involving confidential personal information.  The consultation with Legal Counsel is in regard to the Warfield Contract.

For the full meeting, see the recorded video at

The next meeting is Monday, June 12, 2023

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