Month: June 2023

Citizen Commentary:  One Year After Carroll Passes School Flag Policy, Anne Arundel Looks To Do The Same

Overall, I’ve been extremely pleased with our county’s flag policy and keeping our public schools focused on academics.  I would highly encourage the school board members of Anne Arundel County to follow our county’s lead.

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Exclusive: Informed Carroll Talks with Carroll’s Budget Director About Taxes and Balancing the Budget

In an Informed Carroll exclusive, we sat with Ted Zaleski, Director of Management and Budget at the Carroll County Government.|We had a wide-ranging discussion with Zaleski, who has been with the Carroll County government for nearly 30 years.  We learned how the county government manages your money, his views on the county’s financial challenges ahead, and we explored the working relationship between the commissioners and county staff.   

Zaleski also recollects the budgeting process during the late 90’s – the last time the commissioner board performed a detailed, line-item review of county expenditures.

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Commissioners On Path To Protect Agriculture From Commercial Solar; Preserving Quarter-Billion Dollar Ag Investment

Critics claim decision to prevent commercial solar on farm land sets county behind in green revolution, but may be surprised by where Carroll County actually stands. | Carroll County is home to the largest rooftop community solar project in the United States.  The Hampstead facility powers more than 1,300 residential and small commercial subscribers.  

Carroll is also ranked 10th among Maryland counties for solar installations according to a 2021 source.

With Carroll’s position in both agriculture and solar energy as #1 and #10 in the state respectively, it shows that the county is able to balance the priorities of local agriculture while still being able to successfully participate in green energy production.

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More Carroll County Parents Speak Up in Debate Over Child Gender Ideology

As the school year comes to an end and Pride month begins, more Carroll County parents are voicing their opinions in the debate over social justice initiatives aimed at influencing children, like child gender ideology. | Friday, June 9th, marked the 1 year anniversary that CCPS Board Members passed a flag policy that limits classroom flag displays to the U.S., state and county flags.  At the time, activists like Amanda Jozkowski, who ran for and lost her bid for the BOE in 2022, were opposed to the measure which prevented social justice, political and religious symbols from being displayed.  

School officials have made it clear that the policy only pertains to the walls of the classroom and that the freedom of individual expression remains protected; allowing a teacher or student to wear attire that supports Pride and other social causes.

However, this hasn’t appeased all child gender ideology activists, with some CCPS staff aligned with the cause exploiting gaps in the flag policy to make a statement.

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Sykesville: Town Zoning and Subdivision ordinances will be reviewed and rewritten with the help of contractor. Any changes to be approved by Town Council

Sykesville: Town Zoning and Subdivision ordinances will be reviewed and rewritten with the help of contractor. Any changes to be approved by Town Council

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Heart of Carroll: Deven Pirro, Owner of Deven’s Deals LLC – June 2023

In our June edition of The Heart of Carroll we feature Deven Pirro – owner of Deven’s Deals|

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Board of Education: Fiscal 2024 Budget Passes Unanimously and Includes 36 million Over Last Year

Mr. Whisler, Mrs. Herbert and Mrs. Sivigny praised the Commissioners for their work on the FY 2024 budget and partnership they have with CCPS

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Sykesville: New Town Council President Unanimously Appointed

Anna Carter was nominated for a second term as Council President and the Council unanimously approved her appointment. 

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