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Sykesville: Town Zoning and Subdivision ordinances will be reviewed and rewritten with the help of contractor. Any changes to be approved by Town Council

Citizen Report: The top take-a-ways from the Sykesville Planning Commission Meeting on June 5, 2023:

Citizen Report: Sykesville Planning Commission Meeting June 5, 2023

Upcoming Preliminary Plan for a Planned Employment Center (PEC):

The Town of Sykesville is preparing to review a preliminary plan for a Planned Employment Center (PEC) which would be situated next to a potential 47-unit townhome subdivision north of Warfield, east of Route 32 called the Enclave at Parkside. Town Planner, Kevin Rubenstein explained the process of reviewing this plan to the Town Planning Commission.  

The first step in the process will be a presentation to the Planning Commission by the applicant of the preliminary plan and pattern book.  This meeting is currently scheduled for July 5, 2023.  Before that meeting the Town staff will provide the Planning Commission with various agency letters on “adequate facilities” to assist in the providing a recommendation to Town council about the adequacy of the public facilities serving that area.  

Next, it is anticipated that on August 7, 2023 the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing.  During this meeting, the Commission could make the final decision on the preliminary plan.

Lastly, the Town Council, with the recommendation of the Planning Commission in hand, could vote on approving the preliminary plan.  That could be as soon as August 14, 2023 at the scheduled Town Council meeting.

There will be a lot of public intereste in this plan. Mr. Rubenstein encouraged the Commission to ask any questions to better understand the plan and review code as a frame of reference in reviewing the plan. Town staff will be available to answer any questions about the PEC process, Town zoning code alignment, and PEC and subdivision ordinances.  

Town Updates:

Town Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance Rewrite:

Mr. Rubenstein mentioned that the Town Zoning and Subdivision ordinances will be reviewed and rewritten with the help of Michael Baker International pending the approval of the Town Council.  Over the next 18-24 months, the contractor will work on which zoning districts apply to which parcels and what changes may be needed.  Any proposed changes would come through the Planning Commission, then to the Council as with any zoning changes.

Joy Property:Last discussed on February 6th, the Joy property at 7306 Springfield Avenue is still working on an application for nonconforming use of property in the business local zone.  They intend to apply for rezoning to business general for auto service garage use.  After the survey plat is complete the property owner will meet with Town staff to be sure the application is complete before submitting the application.

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