Month: July 2023

Muckraker: ‘Media bullshit’: Jason Aldean thanks sold-out Merriweather crowd for seeing through it

Right before singing “Try That In A Small Town” at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia on Thursday night, Jason Aldean thanked the sold-out crowd for “seeing through a lot of the media bullshit” surrounding what became the #1 country song in America after the establishment press collectively maligned the tune about small town values as being racist. Watch:

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Maryland School Board Delays Decision on State Superintendent Choudhury’s Contract Amidst Growing Controversy

Choudhury’s current contract is set to expire on June 30, 2024, and the board had the option to offer him a new four-year contract during the Tuesday meeting. However, the decision was deferred, indicating that the concerns raised by employees and community members have left a significant impact on the board’s considerations.|Deputy Superintendent Sylvia Lawson’s Defense of Choudhury, Viewed by MSDE Employees As the Superintendent’s “Henchwoman”, Casts Doubt on Decision-Making Process

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Keep Mt. Airy Small: Planning Commission to Address Several Impactful Ordinances This Week

Mixed Use Zoning, Open Space, Cold Storage Property, and Cannabis Businesses are on the agenda The Mount Airy Planning Commission will…

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Muckraker: Baltimore’s biggest country music station suppressing “Try That In A Small Town”: Data

93.1 WPOC, Baltimore’s biggest country music station & its second rated radio station overall, is measurably suppressing what has been the #1 song in America, Jason Aldean’s “Try That In A Small Town”, according to public data visible on the local iHeartRadio affiliate’s website

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Commissioner Kiler Sounds Off On Taxpayer Resources Favoring Pride Festivities Over Other Events

“I applaud their participation in it.  I think we need to participate in as much as we can in all events…Whether we were seeking voters, or seeking members for whatever, that’s great,” Kiler stated.|Addressing the perceived political bias in the county’s involvement with Pride and Trans events over others, Kiler expressed his observations, saying, “But I’ll be honest, the new shiny penny isn’t the only thing going on in Carroll County.  I didn’t see any of these groups (government agencies) at any of the carnivals.  Historically I don’t see any of these groups at the 4H Fair.”

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Muckraker: Where Dan Rodricks can find fascism and censorship in Carroll County

Dan Rodricks, a Baltimore Sun columnist who’s won journalism awards for reporting on social injustice, thinks Carroll County is a fascist Trump county guilty of MAGA censorship. He said so on Twitter last week, when after sharing an article by the Carroll County Times describing how local moms asked Carroll County Public Schools to remove 39 books from school libraries because they depict graphic sex or rape, he reacted bemoaning how “The fascists are everywhere” as he labeled Carroll “#TrumpCounty”.

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Carroll County Commissioners Approve Class 1 E-Bike Use on Park Trails

Carroll County Commissioners voted 3-2 to allow Class 1 e-bikes on some county park trails. These e-bikes have an electric motor that activates while the rider pedals and stops when the bike reaches 20 mph. The approved trails include Gillis Falls Recreational Area, the undeveloped side of Piney Run Park, and Westminster’s Union Mills Reservoir Trails, Hashawha, and Speigel Hill.

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Carroll County Moms for Liberty Champion Parental Rights and Protecting Child Innocence on Kim Klacik Radio Show

“We were there with about 650 joyful warriors from across the country. We call ourselves Joyful Warriors because we fight like hell with a smile on our face. And it was phenomenal”, Hart explained to Klacik.|Garland shared with Klack their discovery of 50 books containing pornographic content, including explicit descriptions of rape and sex. The chapter used, an informative website that provides invaluable insights into the content of books found in schools. 

“I’ll just point out that the only criteria that we used to consider one of these books is that the book contains pornographic content.  So it’s either textual context or literal graphic descriptions. Pictures of really graphic sex or rape. So each and every single one of these 50 books contains rape or sex very graphically.”

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Reese Carnival 2023 To Deliver a Week of Thrills and Excitement

After a 25-year hiatus, the Reese Carnival is thrilled to announce the much-awaited return of the parade on Wednesday, July 19th, 2023. Starting at 7 PM sharp from the corner of Sandymount Road and Old Westminster Pike, the parade is set to be a spectacle of fire apparatus, community organizations, and more.|For more information and updates, visit the official Reese Carnival website at []( or stay connected on social media. Let’s make this carnival a roaring success together! 

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Carroll County Faces Blunt Reality as Legalized Cannabis Leaves Taxpayers in a Hazy Financial Situation

July 1, 2023 marked a historic day for Maryland as the state embraced legalized recreational cannabis. With nearly 60% of county residents voting in favor of the constitutional amendment, Carroll County joined the green wave of change. However, as the smoke begins to clear, concerns over the financial implications for taxpayers have sparked.|The lion’s share of the revenue will flow directly into the coffers of the Maryland Cannabis Administration, the regulatory body responsible for enforcing state cannabis laws. Additionally, a newly formed entity called the “Office of Social Equity” will manage 35% of the revenue, directing funds towards communities that have been disproportionately affected by the war on drugs.

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