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Empowering Choice: Carroll County Public Schools Launch Opt-Out Form for Gender Identity Curriculum

Carroll County Public Schools has recently released a new form to parents that offers the choice of whether they wish to enroll their children in the gender identity education – the new state-mandated curriculum that goes into effect for middle and high school students for the upcoming academic year.

Within the form, parents will be presented with three options. The first choice allows parents to select the Carroll County Board of Education-approved curriculum, which eliminates gender identity education. It will continue to cover traditional health, sex, and family life education topics.

Additional options are provided, allowing parents to either enroll their children in the gender identity curriculum or opt out of all health education entirely. Parents will have until Oct 1st to make their choice or will be automatically opted into the gender identity curriculum.

The form is being emailed to all CCPS parents with options to file electronically or by paper. Parents can also access the form on the CCPS website.

The new forms issued by CCPS include three options for parents for selecting health education; the first choice being the board-approved curriculum that removes gender identity. The first form is the electronic version. The second form is the paper copy.

The gender identity curriculum, mandated by the Maryland State Department of Education to be offered in Carroll and other counties, encourages students to explore the concept of gender identity by posing the question, “What does gender mean?” This curriculum depicts gender as an evolving term that encompasses a broad and fluid spectrum. It includes exercises that prompt students to delve into terms such as gender transition, misgender, and two-spirit.

While counties like Montgomery are currently embroiled in lawsuits fighting for the right to opt their kids out of the curriculum, Carroll County parents will have the option to choose whether their children participate in this material.

Overall, Carroll County parents have been pleased with the new opt-out form.

“Personally, I don’t agree with gender ideology, and I intend to enroll my children in the Carroll County version of the health curriculum. Other parents will have different views, but it seems that this form aims to accommodate those differing perspectives”, said a parent.

“The form gives the ability to parents to make well-informed choices that align with their personal beliefs”, said another parent.  “It’s great that Carroll County has this.”

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