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Sykesville: Town is Hiring an Administrative Assistant. Look for Job Posting on the Town Website

Citizen Report: Sykesville Town Council Meeting  September 11, 2023

After the pledge of allegiance and before the moment of silence, Mayor Link read portions of an article from New York Daily News in remembrance of the attacks on 9/11/2001.

General Public Comment

Two residents spoke in appreciation of the Sykesville Pottery and Art Center which has announced its closing.  The residents were unaware of why they were to leave the building but shared their emotional testimonies about what the Center meant to them.  It was a place where they were not just creating art but a safe child and family space to build friendships, acceptance and confidence. Along with artwork shown, they offered letters from Center supporters to the Council.

Councilperson Leo Keenan explained that when the building went up for sale it was discovered it was in great neglect including fire safety concerns. Of the bidders to purchase this building, the Downtown Sykesville Connection (DSC) was the only entity that offered the business to stay through the summer to give the Art Center time to decide their next steps. The DSC purchased the building.  After the two months of renovations, the Art Center was offered to come back in the building to see if they want to stay in this location. To date the DSC has received no response.

New Business 

New Job Description and Position – Administrative Assistant

This new position is opening as a result of the vacated Circuit Rider position and to improve the efficiency of other staff with support from this position.  The Administrative Assistant will be a full-time entry level position with benefits. Funding will be shifted from Circuit Rider consulting fee to this position. That funding will cover this fiscal year but next fiscal year the salary will be a little higher.  This position will report to the Town Manager as all positions do and will allow the Town Clerk to focus more on Human Resource responsibilities. The vacancy will be posted by the end of week and open for 2-3 weeks on the Town website,  The Town Council unanimously approved this proposed position and to advertise.

Zoning Map Amendment – 7306 Springfield Avenue (the Joy Property)

The Town decision to refer to Planning Commission to make a study and recommendation to the Town council of a zoning map amendment request for the property located at 7306 Springfield Avenue on the corner of Central Avenue.  There are 3 parcels owned by the owner.  The applicant is looking for a zoning update for only one parcel (Parcel 1) which is the only parcel zoned for business.  The zoning update request is from Business Local to General Business.  This property was previously a gas station appropriate under Business Local and the owner would now like to open at repair station requiring zoning to be General Business. The Town is supportive of referring it to the Planning commission.  

The Council then had a lengthy discussion over various concerns.  It appears that the business has started without rezoning due to comments received and observations of activity in the station.  The Town Manager stated that there is no evidence of a business running there as there are no hours posted, no signs of a business, or no advertisement as such.  The applicant and Town have had many discussions as they prepare for their rezoning request and indicated that minor personal repair use would be okay as the applicant pursues the rezoning. The Town will determine whether there is business activity and if so, shut it down until the zoning is changed.

Other concerns not relevant to the rezoning but to the potential site plan in the future were:

  • Safety of visibility on this corner
  • Safety and parking of multiple vehicles that will be present on additional parcels
  • Near Sykesville Middle School and Millard Cooper Park
  • No sidewalk on property (State proposed to add per Town Manager)
  • Proper disposal of any waste

The Town Council unanimously approved the referral to the Planning Commission to study the rezoning request.

Safety Report

Chief Michael Spaulding provided the report 814 events in the period of time August 8 – September 4 and answered questions in regard to specific events.  A new recruit Anthony Bond is entering the Carroll County Sheriff training academy on September 18 with anticipated graduation on March 31.  On September, the Department will be holding the 14th annual Jr CSI Academy for local middle schoolers.

Events of Interest

  • Registration is open for the Council or Staff to attend the Fall Maryland Municipal League held October 15-17 in College Park.
  • The October 7 Town skate event will be postponed until Spring 2024.
  • The Fall Fest is on October 21st.
  • Coolest Mile Run renamed the Snalygaster Race will be held at Freedom Park on November 19th.
  • The Springfield Hospital Center will hold a Mental Health Day 5k and 1 Mile Fun Walk on October 7.

Closed Session 

The meeting is proposed to be closed pursuant to the General Provisions Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, Section 3-305(b): (4) To consider a preliminary matter that concerns the proposal for a business or industrial organization to locate, expand, or remain in the State, and (7) to consult with counsel to obtain legal advice on a legal matter. The consult and discussion were in regard to legal consult for the Warfield Contract and Businesses on Town Owned Property.

Volunteer Opportunities 

The Town has volunteer opportunities available on the Historic District Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, and Police Auxiliary.  Email for more information about volunteering with the Town. 

This meeting can be seen in its entirety at

The next meeting is Monday, September 25, 2023 Agenda items may include a tax workshop, trail way paving and budget discussions.

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