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Defendant Sentenced to a Decade in Prison for First Degree Assault with Ghost Gun

Austin Fabrick, 30 years old, of Hampstead, was sentenced to twenty years with all but ten years suspended for the assault in the first degree against Robert Green, 21 years old, of Hampstead.  Fabrick was also sentenced to ten years as a consecutive suspended sentence for assaulting Adriana Wrightson, 19 years old, of Hampstead, in the second degree for an incident that occurred on November 10, 2022.  

The Court found Fabrick guilty of beating Wrightson, with whom he was involved in an intimate relationship, while she was asleep in bed.  Police reports indicate that Fabrick went through Wrightson’s phone and found text messages between her and Green. Fabrick then beat Wrightson and made her text Green to have him meet them at a nearby parking lot so Fabrick could confront Green about the texts.  

When Green arrived, he found Wrightson next to her car with the hood up with apparent car trouble. Wrightson then warned Green that Fabrick was present just prior to Green being confronted by the defendant. Fabric had been lying in wait with a loaded 9-millimeter handgun. Green described the weapon as a black semi-automatic handgun with an extended magazine and an attached laser sight on the bottom of the barrel. Fabrick then threatened repeatedly to kill Green with the gun for contacting Wrightson.  Both Wrightson and Green were able to talk Fabrick out of shooting Green, and Green fled the scene to find police.  

Police waited at Fabrick’s residence and were present when he returned there several hours later in his vehicle.  Upon seeing the police vehicle, Fabrick attempted to drive off before being stopped by the police at a nearby gas station.  Fabrick was arrested at the scene and the car was subsequently searched after the police obtained a search warrant. Inside the vehicle, police found a loaded 9-millimeter caliber “ghost gun” with an attached laser sight along with a semi-automatic rifle. A ghost gun is one without a serial number, is untraceable, can be bought online, and assembled at home without a background check. At the time of his arrest Fabrick was prohibited from possessing any firearms due to a previous domestic violence conviction. 

Carroll County Circuit Court Judge Brian L. DeLeonardo presided over the sentencing and stated to the defendant that “This was without a doubt an egregious and terrifying set of facts for these victims.” Afterwards, Judge DeLeonardo sentenced Fabrick to a decade in prison. The case was prosecuted by Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Adam Wells.  Carroll County State’s Attorney Haven Shoemaker remarked, “Criminals committing crimes with firearms, especially untraceable ghost guns, in Carroll County should be forewarned that their actions will come back to haunt them.”

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