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Westminster Man Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison Without Parole for Armed Robbery

Curtis Frisby was convicted in September of this year after a three-day jury trial for the armed robbery of the owner of a local convenience store. 

On October 23rd of 2022, Frisby walked into the Penny Mart convenience store while masked and armed with a knife. He then robbed the owner, Abdul Azizi, at knife point of the money that was in the till before fleeing the location. The robbery was caught on surveillance video. Frisby had previously been in the convenience store and was caught on surveillance video approximately a week prior wearing the same clothing that he wore during the robbery. Frisby returned to the scene the following day and entered the store while a detective was speaking with Mr. Azizi.  Mr. Azizi identified Frisby as the robber and Detective Daugherty and members of the Westminster Police Department followed Frisby to his residence and arrested him. The clothes Frisby was wearing during the robbery were found in the residence as well.  The State used photographs, surveillance videos, along with the identification of Frisby as the robber by Mr. Azizi as evidence at trial.  During the trial, Mr. Azizi indicated that he was certain that Frisby was the robber and that he and Frisby had spoken in the Penny Mart a week or so prior to the robbery.  Mr. Frisby told Mr. Azizi at that time that Mr. Azizi might want better security.

Due to Frisby’s extensive prior criminal record, including two prior convictions for robbery and armed robbery, the sentencing guidelines called for a mandatory sentence of twenty-five years without the possibility of parole.  The prosecutor, Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Adam Wells, asked the court to sentence Frisby pursuant to the mandatory sentence and pointed out Frisby’s extensive record of violent crimes dating back to the 1980s. Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Wells pointed out that Frisby had never successfully completed any prior probation or parole. 

Presiding Judge Brian L. DeLeonardo reviewed Frisby’s pre-trial sentencing report and indicated Frisby’s prior robberies met the mandatory statute requirements that he be sentenced to twenty-five years without the possibility of parole, and Judge DeLeonardo then sentenced  Frisby accordingly. Carroll County State’s Attorney Haven N. Shoemaker commented, “This stiff sentence handed down by Judge DeLeonardo is fitting justice for a violent career criminal, and the folks of Carroll County can sleep better knowing he is locked up for a full twenty-five years.”

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