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Press Release: Freshman Delegate From Carroll Passes Two Bills In His First Legislative Session

Annapolis, MD – April 26th – On Monday, April 24th, Governor Wes Moore signed two bills into law that were introduced and passed by Republican freshman legislator Delegate Chris Tomlinson. 

Delegate Tomlinson introduced four bills this legislative session of the General Assembly in Annapolis and was successful in persuading his colleagues to pass two of them – House Bills (HB) 509 and 543.

HB509 will bring some transparency to municipal elections across the entire state. As of October 1st, 2023, all 157 municipalities will be required to send over their election results to the State Board of Elections, which will publish the results on its website. The Bill passed both the House of Delegates and Senate unanimously with bi-partisan support and had eight Democrat and 17 Republican co-sponsors. 

“The State Board of Elections website is already the one-stop shop to find election results going back to the 1980s for every race from the president of the United States to your local board of education – except for the results of municipal elections,” said Tomlinson. “The results of municipal elections can sometimes be found on the respective town’s website or a local newspaper immediately following the election, but it becomes increasingly difficult to track down these results after a few years. Thanks to this legislation, there will be one location for voters to track down and view past municipal election results until the end of time.”

HB543 raises the small procurement value threshold for State procurement agencies and gives them the ability to purchase goods and services more effectively and efficiently. The Maryland Department of General Services and several other State agencies publicly supported and endorsed this legislation.

“The most common complaint we hear about government is that nothing ever gets done quickly. This Bill will allow State agencies to solicit vendors and award contracts in a timelier manner. Whether it be purchasing widgets, paving roads, or constructing a new bridge, this legislation will help State government get the job done faster and with less red tape,” remarked Tomlinson. 

Delegate Tomlinson represents Legislative District 5 which covers the majority of Carroll County and some of Frederick County. Delegate Tomlinson started his first term in January and he serves on the House Judiciary Committee. Delegate Tomlinson lives in Melrose (north of Manchester) in Carroll County with his wife.

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