Month: May 2023

Muckraker: Boy enters girls bathroom at Century High School in Carroll County

A boy who considers himself a girl entered and used the girls bathroom at Century High School in Carroll County a couple weeks ago. One girl who was in the bathroom at the same time felt uneasy about what she saw, so she notified the school’s administration.

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Whistleblower: “Ethics Violation” in MD Superintendent Choudhury’s Ties to Firm Granted Half-Million Dollars in Exclusive Contracts

A former Maryland State Department of Education executive has come forward accusing State Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury of impropriety regarding business dealings with a consulting firm awarded sole-source contracts totaling a half-million dollars.|“The State Board of Education should immediately open an internal investigation.  Blueprint is the most important initiative for our public education system. The bar should be set high for any contractual services supporting the program.  For Superintendent Choudhury to bypass proper vetting and grant a sole source, half-million dollar contract to a personal friend is at best unethical and reflects poor judgment.  The gross misuse of taxpayer funds puts Maryland’s Blueprint at risk and shakes the public’s confidence in the Superintendent.” 

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Grueling Budget Season Nears End, Gordon: “Let’s do next year completely different”

Carroll County Commissioners enter what some expect to be their final budgeting session of the season, where the stage has been set to increase spending by $25 million for fiscal year 2024 with no tax increases on the table.|Today’s budget finale will follow last Thursday’s grueling session, where Commissioner Ed Rothstein and Ted Zaleski, Director of Management & Budget, were hoping to get a rubber stamp for the staff’s proposed budget that included an increase to recordation taxes, but would come up short as the board members spent more than 3 hours deliberating the tax increase, refunding Agriculture Preservation (Ag Pres) and how to close a $3.8 million budget gap.

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Sykesville Town Council approves no increases to tax rate. Will revisit possible reductions in September

The Town proposed to maintain the current tax rate at .33 per $100,000 and the Council unanimously approved.|

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Heart of Carroll: Steve Moore, Owner of “Run Moore” Speciality Running Store – May 2023

In our May edition of The Heart of Carroll we feature Steve Moore – owner of Run Moore, a specialty running store in downtown Westminster.|

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Muckraker: BATTAGLIA: Book Battles and Drama!

April had lots of activities popping up all around Carroll County in our schools. Students from all around the county have been preparing for months for the opportunity to show off their memory skills. Whether it was remember book characters or becoming a character, book battles and drama productions took center stage.

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