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Muckraker: BATTAGLIA: Book Battles and Drama!

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April had lots of activities popping up all around Carroll County in our schools. Students from all around the county have been preparing for months for the opportunity to show off their memory skills. Whether it was remember book characters or becoming a character, book battles and drama productions took center stage.

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is a partnership that Carroll County Public Schools has with the Carroll County Public Library. From the beginning of the year, students in the 4th and 5th grade form small groups and read various age appropriate chapter books. Then, the groups along with their team Coach begin reviewing what they read to prepare for the grand Battle of Books.

The high school gyms were full of students from the different elementary schools as questions were asked by guest MC’s like Superintendent Cynthia McCabe, Assistant Superintendent Nick Shockley, Board of Education member Donna Sivigny and County Budget guru Ted Zalinsky. The bleachers were filled with families rooting for their kids and their teams with poster signs. Mascots from various elementary schools cheering added to the excitement for students helping to get them pumped up!

Various questions were asked about different characters in the books. It was quite comical and there were lots of giggles, with questions about poop, gas, smelly diapers and goo, or giant insects the size of a Jeep. Let’s face it…4th and 5th graders find poop funny.

A huge thank you to Carroll County Public Library for the partnership to have these wonderful nights of fun, laughter, and cheers. Thank you to our hard working Media Specialist that work with CCPL, the volunteer Coaches, and the schools to get the Battle of Books planned, and organized. Thank you to the parents that support their children in these great activities that promote reading.

Congratulations to the winning teams! Everyone worked hard and had fun.

Work, Magic, Dancing…Action!

Our spring high school drama productions once again DO NOT disappoint. From the set designs, to music, the singing, and dancing, all the drama productions brought you to your feet.

The season began in late March with Century High Schools Matilda the musical with performances on March 23rd, 24th, two on the 25th, 31st, and two on April 1st.

Liberty High, Francis Scott Key and Winters Mill began their shows right after the Spring Break.

Liberty High performed Freaky Friday the musical. Performances were on April 14th, two on the 15th, the 22nd, and two on the 22nd.

Winters Mill performed Into the Woods. Perfomances were on April 14th, 15th, 20th and 21st.

Francis Scott Key performed The Addams Family. Performances were April 14th, two on the 15th, 21st, and two on the 22nd.

Manchester Valley performed Footloose. Performances were April 21st, 22nd, 28th, and two on the 29th.

Westminster High performed The Lightning Thief. Performances were April 27th, 28th, and two on the 29th.

South Carroll High performed 9 to 5. Performances were April 28th, two on the 29th, and you can still catch it May 5th at 7pm and May 6th at 2pm and 7pm.

Thank you to all that have went out to see any of these performances. The students, crew, staff, and volunteers work so hard, spend lots of hours preparing and rehearsing, and for many it is their last bow.

To the students…bravo!!

Activities in May

Many high school FFA’s are having plant sales as well as elementary and middle schools as fundraisers. Please check with your schools to help support the FFA’s, PTA/PTO/Parent Boosters.

Fields Days or Playdays are coming up. The traditional outside activities of running, jumping, ball kicking, hula hooping, dancing, tug of war that we all look forward too. Please check with your child’s school on when activities will be taking place, pack your lunch, and I hope you enjoy that day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!

For us parents with seniors, the time is coming quickly for that moment when our children will walk across the stage. I know I have found myself holding on to those lasts. The last first day has come and gone. The last homecoming has passed. Now, they are in their last quarter of high school, and their last prom. It’s just a matter of days now, and they are getting shorter. While this may be the end of their school years, it’s just the beginning of their adulthood. Some are preparing to go away to college, some will go out into the real world with their jobs, some will do both. Whatever the path is, enjoy this time. They are spreading their wings.

Seniors, this is it. The time has come. This is your time. This is your time to make mistakes and learn from them. This is your time to try new things, (nothing to extreme please), and remember that someone will always be there for you. You have so much to be proud of.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023!!

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